Sunday, January 10, 2010

Exam stress?

With February and March being the month of exams, the students are already under constant pressure to perform. The paths they are taking to meet this pressure may be unconventional or innovative but they work. Let's have a look at some of the problems and some of the solutions Counselling is a must: It's heartening that parents and educationists alike have realised the need for counselling for the students as an effective way to reduce pressure on them. The exam phobia is intensifying with each day as the exam dates approach nearer. However, be it the UP Board or the CBSE, the helplines to counsel students before exams and during the declaration of results are working wonders for the stressed students. In fact, the last minute preparations really test the nerves of students and the result is health problems like sleeping disorder, improper digestion, lack of concentration, dried lips, hyper-activity, faster beating of heart and loss of energy. Having access to trained counsellors helps in such a scenario as students can share their anxieties with them. Incomplete course adding to the stress: With the academic year reaching the deadline, the incomplete course in few subjects is giving sleepless nights to the university students. Barring the Science students, the Commerce and Arts students have yet to complete their course. While some are busy completing three practicals in a day, another group of students feels that more time should have been given to the practical papers. "With teachers engaged in seminars and workshops most of the time, there were hardly any classes. Left with no option, I have to rely on private tuitions," complained Rishi Bhardwaj, a commerce student at PPN College. Guides become a life-saver: It is more than a common belief among the student fraternity of Kanpur University that the guides and easy notes are the only keys for the sure-shot success in the examinations. Consequently, attending long and boring lectures and purchasing heavy text books are a passe, as the `guides' and `easy notes' are serving the three-in-one purpose for the students of the degree colleges here — time-saving, cheap availability and surely a good result. However, the Board aspirants, in contrast, are going for the last 10 years papers and other sample papers to get an idea of the question trend. Komal Tyagi preparing for Class XII exams feels: "The questions in the last 10 years are more or less similar, which serves the purpose of preparations for the exams." Strategies for better study: From group studies to yoga sessions to securing a tranquil space near Ganga ghats to study: every student has a strategy ready for better preparations as per their comfort level, studying style and sleep pattern. For Priyanshu Bajpai of Class XII, it is time for combined studies with his friends. Mayank Tandon, on the other hand, is going for night-long study sessions, when he is on his own. "The tranquil atmosphere and the open spaces enhance my concentration level," said BSc Maths student, Neha Rajput, who likes solving maths numericals sitting on her terrace garden during the late night hours. Then there is a group of Board students who share a common belief that the early morning hours are the best time to learn and revise the History lessons. Real stress-busters: There is nothing like music or a movie to revive those sinking spirits. Also, hanging out at nearby cafes or food joints is `it' thing for Gen Now. As books are to knowledge, music is to stress-busting feels Rahul Chauhan, an engineering student at university. "No surprises that the examination anxiety remains till the last moment, but watching a movie or listening to music lets one relax," he says. E-Learning is in: With the vice-chancellor himself promoting the e-friendly approach for the students, online studies is the new trend catching up fast. And it's not the university students alone but the Board examinees as well. Be it for solving numerical problems or model papers or the chemistry equations, students are hooked to the internet. They find the process both fun and educative at the same time.

By Shivani Vig , TNN, 8 January 2010, 10:45pm IST
Source :- The Times of India

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