Friday, January 8, 2010

Honda Launches Entry Level Small Car at the 2010 Delhi Auto Expo

Honda encourages us to think big with its ‘New Small Concept‘. The sharp-looking new super mini, aimed specifically at the Asian markets, was launched at the 2010 New Delhi Motor Show in India earlier this week. The all-new mini car is designed by Honda Siel Cars India Ltd, the Indian wing of the Japanese auto maker. The concept looks comfy and stylish, and it will form the basis for the new model set to go on sale in India and Thailand in 2011. Honda’s introduction of the new mini car can be attributed as a direct result of Toyota’s move to introduce Etios, its economy entry level car.
Image Credit : Auto Express
Looks wise, the new mini car from Honda is a definite keeper. The blacked out A-pillars give the impression of a wrap around windscreen, while the shapely tapered rear window enriches the dynamic profile. The concept sure rates as one among the most stylish cars in its class, thanks to a feast of slashes and creases in its bodywork. The low end car prices from Honda would slot the ’small car’ at around the 5,00,000 INR ($11,000+) range.
Image Credit : Auto Express
The car uses a wide platform, and according to the car’s designers this is to ensure that the car will be stable while traversing the bends, and to also provide ample room for at least five persons inside the cabin. According to sources at Honda, when the car goes on sale in 2011 the goal is to provide a compact and affordable family vehicle beyond the expectations of customers in emerging markets. Currently Honda has no plans to launch the mini car in the U.S. or UK market.
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