Wednesday, December 16, 2009

BSNL introduces Prepaid Broadband Service

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) launched prepaid Broadband services.
Initially the customers will be given an account with username / pass word with 50 MB free download and validity of 15 days. Before the expiry of validity or download limit, the customer will have to purchase Re-charge Vouchers (RCV) available in different denominations and recharge his/her account.
Unlimited Download: There are four types of vouchers of different denominations which offer unlimited down at speeds ranging from 256 Kbps to 2 Mbps which can be used for unlimited down load within the validity period of the voucher.
Limited Download: There are 9 types of vouchers of different denominations which offers limited download at speed upto 2 Mbps within the validity period of the voucher.

In addition, there are two other types of Recharge Vouchers for limited plans. One, for extending the validity period (Validity Voucher) and the second, for increasing the usage (Top up Voucher) within the validity period

Advantages of Prepaid Broadband :
No Fixed monthly charges : There are NO fixed monthly charges associated with Prepaid Broadband services.
Mobility : The customers can use their prepaid BROADBAND account in any city in the Country (except Delhi and Mumbai) on most of the BROADBAND enabled connections of BSNL. An existing postpaid customer can subscribe to additional prepaid connection which will give him the advantage of mobility.
Control on usage : The customer can never exceed his download limit. No bills will be served for usage.
Sharing of DSL connections: A group of prepaid BROADBAND customers like students, professionals can share a single DSL connections .
Corporate houses can control the expenditure on BROADBAND usage of their employees by subscribing to prepaid BROADBAND connections.
Attractive Tariff: The tariff has been designed to suit every segment of customer.
Overcome hassles of bill payment: With prepaid BROADBAND connection, customer can overcome the hassles of bill payment. Recharge can be done with voucher from anywhere in the country.

Tariff for prepaid Broadband Services
Initial Charges at the time of application:
Particulars Amount in Rs.
Installation Charge. Rs. 250/- *
Modem Charges for outright purchase
Type-I Rs. 1000/- **
Type-II Rs. 1600/- **
* Service Tax extra, ** Sales Tax and other Govt. levies extra
A customer willing to subscribe to this service can register on the BSNL portal or can approach the BSNL customer service Centre.
Contact nearest BSNL customer service center or call toll free number 1800-424-1601.

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