Saturday, December 26, 2009

A letter to DIR HRD From Sandip Solanki for JTO LICE Exam in BSNL

Corporate Office, BSNL,
New Delhi. Date: 26.12.2009
Sub: Notification of LDCE for JTO regarding
Respected Sir,
Recently the notification of LDCE for JTO is issued. We, the DR TTAs are the highly educated
and most hardworking cadre in Non-executives in BSNL. We are handling almost all the services of
BSNL everywhere at each level.
We had demanded the reduction in qualifying service condition in JTO RR-2001 from 10 years
to 5 years and had also given the guidelines from DoPT in support of our demand. The qualifying
service condition was reduced to 7 years and the notification issued for the LDCE with the seven-year condition. The situation is that there are more vacancies than the number of eligible candidates.
I request you to consider the demand for 2 years relaxation as one time measure so more number of candidates will be eligible and get chance to prove themselves. Already vacancies are more than the eligible candidates. If 2 years relaxation will be given, then also the eligible candidates will be much less than the Vacancies. Making more candidates eligible will not affect the quality of the selection, as they are qualified and would enhance the competition of the LICE.
We understand the situation is created by some court case in Kerala circle, but the heart of the
matter is the carrier progression of the highly educated and hard working employees of BSNL. I believe that the CARRIER PROGRESS is the most important remuneration to an employee in any organization.
I once again request you to see the matter with a different point of view being head of the HR
Thanking you.
Your’s Truly,
Copy to : CMD, BSNL, New Delhi Sandip Solanki
Member, Central Executive Committee, SNATTA
Central Coordinator, SNATTA, Gujarat
Member, Circle Council, Gujarat

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