Saturday, December 12, 2009

Miss World crown won't help you to change the world

Priyanka Chopra, the panel of the judges to crown Miss World 2009, feels it is wrong to expect the winning beauty to change the world. "Miss World is not the President of a country, and people should not expect her to be that," Priyanka, who won the title in 2000, said.
The 59th edition of the contest that takes place here this evening will see beauties from 112 countries participating and Priyanka says that the winner of the pageant is just another girl doing her bit to help. "She's just a girl who has been given this pedestal of power and position and she is going to do her bit to help whoever needs help, especially because the Miss World organisation does so much for children who are disadvantaged, sick and underprivileged," Priyanka said. "It's doing fundraisers, raising money for charities, so she is going to help people who need it, but she is not going to eradicate poverty or change the world," she added.

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