Saturday, February 13, 2010

saamana, Shiv sena's newspaper, saamana marathi news paper

This is a screen shot of Saamana Newspaper.
The Chief editor of saamana is Bal Thackeray and Executive editor is Sanjay Raut. This newspaper is famous for its straightforward comments about the government and the system . Shiv Sena is known to fight for the Maharashtrians, and creating justice for "Marathi Manus" in Mumbai.

now a days bal thakre and shivsena and saamana is hot search item in google due to May name is Khan picture and Shahrukh khan actor.

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  1. who is bal thakray to say anything in any one personal life. he has no right to say all this.
    they think they are marathian not an indian..that is so bad


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